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1990 “Görtler & Mayr Umweltanalytik GmbH” is founded in Ottobrunn near Munich
1992 Mr. Mayr, one of the co-founders, leaves the company; the company’s name changes to “Görtler & Partner Umweltanalytik GmbH”
1994 Branch office founded in Flöha (Saxony)
1994 and after: Accreditation as a testing laboratory in compliance with DIN EN 45001 and competence in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9002; introduction of business activities in other countries (Austria, Italy and Brazil))
1998 Foundation of “ARGE ANALYTIK, Prof. Dr. M.P. Dierich/görtler Innsbruck”

2001 The company’s name changes to “Görtler Analytical Services GmbH”. Inclusion of new business areas, such as analysis of foods, pharmaceutical products, drugs, and cosmetics
2001 New company laboratory built in Vaterstetten near Munich
2002 The company moves into the new building, which now serves as its headquarters
2001/2002 Re-accreditation as a testing laboratory of both headquarters and branch office in compliance with the new norm, DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2000 and competence in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001:1994
2003 Intensification of business activities in other countries
2005 Foundation of "görtler do brasil"